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6 Weeks - 15 Months

Safe, Responsive, and Interactive Environment: Our infant center welcomes and values each child’s developmental phase. We provide an environment where teachers, children, and families are encouraged to interact and develop relationships. We provide daily communication logs to keep track of the child’s activities during the day. In addition, we have closed circuit cameras recording at all times. 


Fun, Engaging, and Appropriate Activities: Our curriculum offers hands-on, appropriate, and relevant activities that encompass the cognitive, language, physical, and social-emotional development of every child. Sensory exploration, finger plays, puppetry, nursery rhymes, reading books, and nature walks are just some of the daily activities we provide our infants.


Warm, Experienced, and Qualified Teachers: Our teachers assure every family the best care possible for their child. We conduct onsite screenings and assessments regularly of each infant’s growth and development.

Bear 1

15 Month - 2 Years 

Communication to Increase Language Skills:

Vocabulary development through repetition of words and sentences. Group sharing and reading will help strengthen conversation skills with our ABC Music and Me Program. 

Expanding the Mind:

Our Growing with Mathematics Program guides your child to their first steps of mathematical concepts on sorting, matching, patterning, and number identification. Furthermore, to develop their knowledge of the alphabet and letter writing, we offer a variety of approaches through our Handwriting Without Tears Program.


Our cooperative play environment with large and small group activities will help your child learn to share, communicate, and respect others, as well as, recognize the feelings of others and how to respond appropriately.

Physical Activities:

Strengthen gross motor skills through jumping, throwing, and running. Outside play includes nature walks and playground play.

Individual Expression:

Pretend play and role playing are strongly encouraged. Creativity with painting, gluing, drawing, and cutting stimulates children’s imagination and self-expression in art.

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Lady Bug & Bear 2

2 Years - 4 Years

We continue the practices and activities experienced in Bear 1, but with more advanced and challenging lessons plans with emphasis on


  • Language development

  • Develop gross motor skills

  • Encourage pretend play and social skills

  • Art projects

  • Cognitive development including concepts of color, shapes, and counting


4 Years - 6 Years

Designed to prepare children for kindergarten by integrating pre-literacy academic skills (alphabet recognition, counting, sorting, shapes, colors, etc) into our thematic approach to curriculum. Children participate in hands-on play, stories, songs, fingerplays, art projects, large motor games, and other activities specific to the weekly theme for their class. A sense of community is fostered as the children carry out their "jobs" and participate in Show & Tell and story telling opportunities.


The Parrots' classroom is organized into numerous centers for small group and individual instruction: art, manipulatives, building, housekeeping, reading, writing, computers, media, and math. Some centers are open-ended and children driven, and many hands-on activities are available during center time. The teacher and assistant also work one-on-one and with small groups of children on specific readiness skills to ensure that those students moving on to kindergarten are prepared to do so.

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